Below are images from commercial and residential projects we have completed.

This was a newly purchased building completely gutted and redone. The project included everything from sand blasting, new plumbing, electrical, mechanical and even a new 400amp service from PG&E.

This was my favorite café to date. Two storefronts were completely gutted and combined into one space. The front façade was completely redone and we tore off the roof in the back turning it into an open patio. Complete seismic upgrade including the installation of a custom two legged moment frame. Go check out their coffee!

This was another major home renovation as well as an addition. We extended the bedroom upstairs and living room downstairs adding a new foundation with other seismic work. Their kitchen and living room were completely remodeled and a prior deck was torn down and rebuilt with lighting and Feeney wire rail system. This project turned out really beautifully.

KDA and I have had a long standing professional relationship over the last 10years. They hired us to build all their work stations and an intricate wall made up of 1×4 slats each installed on a different angle. This was really fun to do!

This kitchen remodel was my second project for this couple in Albany. We removed the demising wall between the kitchen and the living room, which really opened everything up. The cabinets were a combination of painted and clear fir. Add on top of that new windows, concrete counters and a bamboo floor, this kitchen was exactly what they wanted.

We came in halfway through this project and rebuilt two out of the four storefronts. We also remodeled the interior and added a roof in their back storage area.

This renovation was another complete gutting. It included new walls, commercial kitchen, plumbing, electrical, handicap entrance, etc. A quaint little cafe, one to check out if you’re ever in the area.

This was one of the jobs I ran early on as a sub contractor. It was a large home remodel where we completely gutted the kitchen and moved it to the other side of the room. We added new windows and remodeled the old kitchen space into a living room. Upstairs we completely remodeled the bathroom, office space and then installed crown molding in the bedroom.

This was my very first café. The café itself was only a portion of the overall project. The project included a complete overhaul of the entire property (over 9,000 sq. ft.): the café, several commercial offices, renovation of 8 upstairs apartments, new windows, a new clock tower, driveway, gate etc.